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Training Times and Topics

The table below shows the minimum training time and subjects covered for each course. In order to obtain a certificate the trainee must have passed all individual quizzes with a minimum grade of 80%

Course Minimum Training Hours Topics Covered (with Assessments)
EM385 40 Hour 40 Hours 1. Program Management 2. Sanitation 3. Medical and First-Aid Requirements 4. Temporary Facilities 5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 6. Hazardous or Toxic Agents and Environments 7. Lighting 8. Accident Prevention 9. Fire Prevention 10. Welding and Cutting 11. Electrical 12. Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) 13. Hand and Power Tools 14. Material Handling, Storage and Disposal 15. Rigging 16. Load Handling Equipment (LHE) 17. Conveyors 18. Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment 19. Floating Point and Marine Activities 20. Pressurized Equipment and Systems 21. Fall Protection 22. Work Platforms and Scaffolding 23. Demolition 24. Safe Access 25. Excavation and Trenching 26. Underground Construction 27. Concrete, Masonry, Roofing and Residential Construction 28. Steel Erection 29. Blasting 30. Diving Operations 31. Tree Maintenance and Removal 32. Airfield and Aircraft Operations 33. HAZWOPER 34. Confined Space Entry
EM385 16 Hour 16 Hours 1. Program Management 2. Medical and First-Aid Requirements 3. Temporary Facilities 4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 5. Welding and Cutting 6. Electrical 7. Material Handling, Storage and Disposal 8. Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment 9. Fall Protection 10. Work Platforms and Scaffolding 11. Demolition 12. Safe Access 13. Excavation and Trenching 14. Underground Construction
EM385 8 Hour 8 Hours 1. Program Management 2. Personal Protective and Safety Equipment 3. Electrical 4. Fall Protection 5. Work Platforms and Scaffolding 6. Safe Access 7. Excavations and Trenching
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